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Jul 14 2016

Updating the XWiki UI using a bit of JavaScript and Velocity code

It's natural that depending on the actions of users, we want to also update the UI. For example the click of a button, the selection of a checkbox or the scroll of a page. These tasks can be easily achieved using the XWiki platform and some basic web technologies know-how. ...

Jun 07 2016

Your new Identity Provider: XWiki!

There are situations when you need to have separate instances of XWiki but still want to share the users among them. This article present the new XWiki OpenID Connect modules and explain how to use them. ...

May 25 2016

Use the Apache HTTP library to interact with the XWiki RESTful API

XWiki provides fine-grain access to virtually every element through an API that is based on HTTP semantics, i.e., a RESTful API. In this post you will find all the details to take advantage of this API and interact with it from Java or Groovy using Apache HttpComponents 4.x.  ...

Created by Eduard Moraru on 2016/05/25

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